Letter to participants :)

Here are the messages from one of our participants currently on-site - Mona:

SUBJECT: Sense Art @ Setouchi : Calling for good cook :)

Dear Participant,

I hope summer is treating you well, and that you are all set for the exciting Setouchi Art Festival. You will be working with your fellow volunteers from HK to facilitate a couple of art projects.

As the team leader of a cafe project, I would like to give you some information about it, and see if you are interested in helping.

The cafe is opened by a local lady called Tachibana San. It runs from 12-6 everyday. The HK team is responsible for a Chinese daily tea demonstration from 2:30 to 3:00. We have invited a professional tea master to hold the demonstration. Volunteers will be facilitating the class, as well as preparing tea snacks to go with the tea.

Also, we will continue to sell the dessert from 3-6 pm everyday. Volunteers will have to prepare the food on receiving orders.

At the moment, we are thinking of fetching water from the nearby neibourhood for brewing tea, so to involve the community more. We might be approaching different households in the area. It will be a good chance to interact will local residents.

Due to the specific job nature of the project, it would be very helpful if you are interested/ good at cooking. Also, we need someone who speaks Japanese to be the translator of our daily tea class.

Sounds interesting doesn't it? Please let me know ASAP if 1) you are interested in the project, 2) you have the above mentioned skills, and 3) you have any other questions or suggestions.

Please email monafpchu@gmail.com. Please also contact our volunteers in Hong Kong should you have any logistic questions at 3487-4540 or info@senseart.hk.

p.s. please find the receipt we are currently serving here.

I am as new as you are to this project and this art festival. Let's work together to make it an interesting experience for all = )

See you all soon!


Setouchi 2010 - Participant

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