Letter to all participants who can speak Japanese :)

Here is another message given by one of our participants - Mona:


SUBJECT: Calling for Japanese-speaking participants!

Dear all Japanese-speaking participants,

Following my previous mails just now, I would like to explain a bit more about the cafe project. Now that we have ran it for a week, people have been enjoying the tea demonstration a lot. Chinese tea presents itself as a very interesting topic to local visitors.

To continue with the demonstration, we need Japanese interpreters to translate what the tea master is saying. He can speak in either cantonese or english. The demonstration last for about 30 minutes everyday.

I know from your registration that you speak Japanese. It's so lucky for us to have you = ) But at the same time we want to make sure you are comfortable with interpreting. Please let us know how well your spoken Japanese is, and how much you would like to handle this job.

Don't worry it won't be too hard, since we will have time to go through the content together before hand. Also, he is really nice = ) The more important thing might be that you are willing to share our culture with others, which I believe you all do = )

Kindly reply asap to Mona at monafpchu@gmail.com as time is running short. Should you have logistic questions, please do not hesitate to contact our volunteers in Hong Kong at 3487-4540 or info@senseart.hk.

Thank you.

See you all really soon!


Setouchi 2010 - Participant


  1. 8月1日、アナベラ・リーさんに小豆島の貝でできたアートを案内してもらいました。


  2. im also happy to meet Annabella and any other kindly people at 12 August.

    the tea demonstration was good for us.
    surely, we need translation. but we can understand picture and some chinese characters.

    i hope we will take good conversation with some tool.
    thank you.