Recent updates : Hi from Shodoshima :)

 Today is up to 35 degree C and everybody is working so hard under the big big sun. We have 14 volunteers as of today in our group. What our first task here was cleaning the dormitory, we tried to empty the biggest room (former gym hall) and to convert it into a common area for everybody, we dine together on the table, have meeting together, play and chit-chat at night and most importantly work so hard altogether in this small area.

We have been doing the mini Chinese Music concerts and tea class everyday at 1:45pm and 2:20pm respectively. As there will be a seminar featuring all Asian artists groups working on Shodosihma on 21 Aug and a Chinese Music concert right after the seminar. Starting from today, we encouraged our musicians to give small music jamming session ( petit concert) in Wang san's bamboo pavilion at 2:30pm for 20 mins. Today's response of the visitors were very positive and some of them were very impressed on what we have been doing these days. We have 40 audiences and this is in fact the weekend visitor rates when we were doing it in the cafe (see photos).

As we have noticed that there are not lack of information of our artworks in the official booklet/ maps, so we made a little route map, putting all our artworks and our events and hanged it in the bamboo pavilion as well ( as we have a small corner there, originally we only sell drinks, yet we do think selling drinks for the cafe lady was not our first intention but cultural exchange and introducing what we (as hongkonger)are doing on the island is far more important), so we then made some little paper writing " we are from Hong Kong" in Japanese and we tried to put more information of our own projects around the village area. Somehow we know the products we are using right now maybe too raw and of no longer the perfect one, yet we believe once we started doing something like this, our smart participants will then follow up with more interesting and useful ideas on better the things we have.

Regarding the visitor rates of our artworks, i.e. Cornelia Erdmann 's Red Lamp Shades and Kith's glove "hand in hand"in the Primary school situated in Hitoyama, we have more than 250 visitors stopped by, participated and spent some time on our tasks (writing their wishes on a green paper and fill up the gloves on the wall). Please refer to the photos attached.

Life on Shodoshima is not easy, we have to walk and walk all day, sometimes working under the sun made us feel tired, yet this is a very good experience for us to overcome all hardship and we do treasure what we have done here, especially the friends we made between all Japanese volunteers, locals and visitors, not to mention all our beloved participants from Hong Kong.

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    "twnty-four eyes"