It was the last day of the month. In order to visit the site for the installation, I was assigned to clean the primary school. Talking about school, it was also the day of announcing who will be able to stay for the next year in my own school. It was only the foundation students, not including me. However, many of my friends were in their foundation years… I was nervous about them.

Anyways, coming back to Japan, Shodoshima. I found that I was very lucky having the chance cleaning up the school, and by the way, I was one of the first people who visited and cleaned the school. Therefore most of the furniture and settings inside were supposed to be the setting of the principal and the people.

It was a very valuable chance to know how the Japanese think and what would they do/ put in their room and some kind of decorations. Also, cleaning the school would help me look into each square inch of the school. Thus, I discovered many interesting characteristics in the architecture of Japan.

What was so impressive as a lighting student, of course, it’s the lights, shadow and the reflections of the rooms. Visiting the school and Chi Chu Museum leads me further into the relationship between light, shadow and reflection.

By the thinking and the design in the use of natural light in the building and houses, it leads me to think about the question of living and survival (生活vs生存).

After all, it started me thinking about the ‘Big’ issues in living and survival, and thus the meaning of life and living.

Billy Wong
LX System Design/ Technology
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Setouchi 2010 - Participant

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